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Rent a hangar or tie down space at the SLO County Airport


The Airport has several rows of T-hangars on the east side of the airfield (Site November).

T-HangarSmall (A) Approx. 1,061 sq. ft.$475.00/month Plus a one-time deposit of $475.00Unavailable
T-HangarSmall (B) Approx. 1,030 sq. ft.$450.00/month Plus a one-time deposit of $450.00Unavailable
T-HangarMedium (A) Approx. 1,331 sq. ft.$600.00/month Plus a one-time deposit of $600.00Unavailable
T-HangarMedium (B) Approx. 1,297 sq. ft.$575.00/month Plus a one-time deposit of $575.00Unavailable
T-HangarLarge Approx. 1,600 sq. ft.$720.00/month Plus a one-time deposit of $720.00Unavailable
Tie DownEastside (Small)$75.00/monthUnavailable
Tie DownWestside (Small)$65.00/monthAvailable
Tie DownWestside (Large)$80.00/monthAvailable

The Airport maintains a waitlist for those who wish to lease a hangar. Vacant hangars are offered to applicants on the waitlist.

This policy is designed to provide a simple and fair process for aircraft owners to be placed on the waitlist. It is mandatory to be on the waitlist in order to lease a hangar. Airport policy is to process the waitlist by the date the request was submitted, and hangars will be assigned in that order.

All parties interested in a hangar must fill out an application to be added to the waitlist. It is the responsibility of the applicant to keep this information current with Airport Administration.

Applicants must pay a non-refundable Eastside Hangar Waitlist Deposit Fee. This Fee will be applied toward the Hangar Security Deposit upon issuance of an Aircraft Storage Permit. More information on this Fee can be found on the  County of San Luis Obispo’s Fee Schedule.

To prove eligibility for a hangar, an aircraft owner must provide one of the following documents at the time of application:

    • Individual Ownership: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certificate of Aircraft Registration with the aircraft owner’s name listed
    • Co-ownership/Partnership: FAA Certificate of Aircraft Registration with co-owners/partners names listed. All members of any co-ownership shall also be listed as such on the hangar lease agreement.
    • Flying Club or Corporate Ownership: FAA Certificate of Aircraft Registration with the Flying Club or Corporate name listed, and a current membership roster submitted to the Airport annually.
    • Leased Aircraft: FAA Certificate of Aircraft Registration with the rightful owner listed and a copy of the lease demonstrating exclusive possession by the lessee from the lessor. The lease shall be submitted for review to the Deputy Director, Finance and Administration or designee and approved prior to occupancy. Aircraft leased or transferred from one individual to another with the intent to gain occupancy of a County owned hangar will be considered a sublease and is not permitted under the Airport Rules and Regulations.
    • A copy of an Aircraft Bill of Sale and an application for Aircraft Registration that has been submitted to the FAA, will satisfy this requirement for a period of ninety (90) days or until the official FAA Aircraft Registration is received.
  • Position on the waitlist will be determined by the date and time payment was made for the Eastside Hangar Waitlist Deposit Fee.
  • Positions on the waitlist may not be sold, gifted, or transferred.
  • Current tenants who wish to lease additional hangars must be in good financial standing with the airport before signing a new lease.
  • The airport reserves the right to give priority to current tenants or make changes according to the discretion of the Director of Airports.
  • The hangar size to be assigned on the list is dependent on the size of the aircraft wingspan.
  • When a hangar becomes available, the Airport Administration will notify the individual at the top of the waitlist. Offers shall be made chronologically (oldest to newest).
  • Applicant must respond to the offer made within two (2) business days. A “pass” response or failure to respond in two (2) business days will be considered a refusal.
  • Airport Administration will attempt to contact individuals on the list by two different means. Each applicant is permitted one (1) refusal or pass-over. Upon the second refusal or failure to respond, applicant will be removed from the waitlist.
  • Hangar occupancy is dependent on the applicant’s ability to meet all conditions specified in the Aircraft Storage Permit and does not guarantee a lease commitment.

Transient Parking

If you are coming to visit us and wish to park your aircraft, there are a few options available:

  • SLO Airport does not currently have tie down transient spaces. There is parking available on the east ramp. The fee for these spaces is $12.00 per night.
  • If you do not require your aircraft to be tied down, you may park your aircraft on the east ramp.  Taxilane centerlines and aircraft parking space markings have not been installed on the east ramp. Therefore, assistance from an FBO is required to park your aircraft.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our office at (805) 788-2000.