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A cozy little airport in a perfect slice of paradise

Located right next to the Pacific Ocean in the community of Oceano, Oceano Airport is the perfect landing spot for you and your aircraft.  The airport is near the beach, several restaurants, and parks. Vehicle access to the airport is via Air Park Drive. The airport is bordered on the north by Pismo State Beach, on the east by the Union Pacific Railroad, and on the south by the Pismo Dunes Natural Preserve. The Pacific Ocean coastline is less than a half-mile from the main ramp area.


Fly-in only campsite is located next to the tarmac. There is a fire pit and restrooms available, but no showers or laundry. Camping fee is $20.00 a night.

Transient Aircraft Parking

Transient tie downs are available for $12.00 a night.


Fuel is provided by ACI Jet. Please contact them for further information at (805) 782-9722.

Hangars and Tie Downs

Tenant tie downs are also available for $50 a month. Please call (805) 781-5205 for availability.

Pilot Lounge

Located near the restrooms, this quaint building is a good place to put up your feet after a long flight.