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Please use the online form to submit comments and provide as much detail as possible. Each submission is counted as a single comment. For additional information or concerns relating to aviation noise, please contact the FAA’s Noise Ombudsman.

The Airport’s Role in Aircraft Noise

As a public service, the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport receives complaints regarding aircraft noise near San Luis Obispo and Oceano airports.

It’s important to know that aircraft noise complaints cannot change how the airport operates and the airport cannot prevent aircraft noise. The airport does not control or regulate airspace, aircraft operations, aircraft noise levels, airline schedules, or airline fleet mix.

The airport operations office is available to address aircraft noise concerns and to help residents understand the facts, science and regulations associated with aircraft noise from arrivals or departures in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

  • Airlines are responsible for managing their individual flight schedules and aircraft fleet mix.
  • The federal government has exclusive sovereignty of U.S. airspace.
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is solely responsible for managing the National Airspace System including all aircraft flight paths and altitudes.
  • The Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 limits U.S. airports from imposing new noise-based operational restrictions on quieter (stage 3) aircraft, including airport hours of operation, number of aircraft operations or aircraft noise levels.

Military Aircraft Noise Impacts

The FAA and the Airport do not have the authority to regulate or control military aircraft operations. Although we cannot control these operations, we will still log these noise complaints for data collection purposes.

SBP Voluntary Noise Abatement Program Information

  • Some communities near the corridors will still experience aircraft noise or visually be able to see aircraft.
  • Best efforts are made to keep aircraft away from the voluntary noise abatement corridors while the tower is open, and when weather and traffic conditions permit.
  • View the airport’s voluntary quiet procedures.

Comment Guidelines

  • Comments from outside of San Luis Obispo County will not be logged.
  • Comments for aircraft noise reported 5 days or more after the occurrence will not be logged.
  • Comments that are threats to people, structures or aircraft are a violation of the Federal Aviation Administration rules and will be followed up by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Comments containing vulgar or offensive language will not be logged.