As a result of our Aircraft Parking Apron project, aircraft parking availability has changed on the East or Tower side of the airport.

Parking is available for transient aircraft, however, we do not have tiedowns on the East ramp.  If you are flying to and planning on staying overnight at our airport and require a tiedown rather than just a parking space, tiedowns are available on the West side of the airport. Click here for a map showing transient tiedown spaces.  ACCESS TO THE EAST SIDE OF THE AIRPORT (TERMINAL, TOWER, FBO)  IS ONLY AVAILABLE VIA PUBLIC ROAD WAY.

If you do not require your aircraft to be tied down you may park your aircraft on the East ramp.  Taxilane centerlines and aircraft parking space markings have not been installed on the East ramp therefore assistance from an FBO is required to park your aircraft.

Parking arrangements and assistance may be obtained through either one of the two FBO's:  San Luis Jet Center 805-782-9722, or PCF Aviation 805-783-2359.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact our office at 805-788-2000.